Welcome To PlayStation Dreams

Welcome To PlayStation Dreams both dreamers and observers alike.

Within the construct of the fabrics of time, you are here experiencing Dreams of all types and themes from people all over the world. PlayStation gamers go here to upload their Dreams to share their own experiences or even help share the experience described by another. This post is an example post of what type of Dream can be uploaded according to its themes.

“You’re actually in the middle of a workshop right now”

Whether the dream is happy, about space, celebrities, super powers or perhaps the result of staying up too late at night playing Outlast 2 and Dark Souls 3, PlayStation4Dreams allows you to select exactly what type of dream others had.

We recommend to have a pencil and paper or even a note taking app beside you to write and draw what you’ve dreamt immediately after waking up. We’re serious, do it right away so you don’t forget and you can accurately depict what you experience. The same goes for Daydreams or even real life experiences (Which people often write in journals or diaries).

Media Molecule, the creators of Little Big Planet are always giving great inspiration with the tools for gamers to Play, Create, and Share. This is the closest thing people can use now to project and view dreams in real life. With the power of your mind and PlayStation 4, we’re excited to view what you share! Check out examples and dreams by others.

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