A Deeper Look Into DreamsPS4 QUANTICDREAMS Stream

Today on the Media Molecule Twitch channel, gamers took a deeper look into the special DreamsPS4 QUANTICDREAMS stream. Streaming from the Quantic Dreams studio, we dived into to the creation aspect that wasn’t shown at Paris Games Week 2015. What was shown was simply amazing and inspiring.

In certain situations you’ll need a friend or two to complete a level or objective. Things like getting assistance by lifting a heavy object together shows the kind of teamwork we know from Little Big Planet. For the campaign in PlayStation Dreams, there will be a story for multiple characters like Francis which was teased at PGW2015. Media Molecule is going for specific tactile interactions to enhance the play experience.

Despite seeing a vast array of tools from this new early gameplay footage shown of Dreams PS4, Dreams can be relatively easy to make. You can build huge worlds without using the linking aspect as shown in the PlayStationPGW demo. This is exemplified more so in “loose dreams” vs “tight dreams” like the world of the hoverbike dream. As far as the level or game’s thermometer readings, there will be a way to save yourself from figuring out what to adjust. Our take on this is to make some of you created game assets ‘looser’. It will be much harder to hit the threshold than it was in LBP due too the games engine.

As far as details on Dreams’ Wikipedia-like universe, there will be tools to help sort and categorize what you’re looking for. You can search peoples names to find their content., follow them, see their teams, activity feeds and more via the HUD in Dreams. Every Dreams PS4 user will get a webpage in which you can download their Dreams in a zip file based on the permissions set. This is how the Dreams PS4 3D prints are being made now.

The UI looks pretty dang good at the moment. Everything has a minimal like and colorful vibe just like the popit’s in LBP were, but even better. Of course, there will be bubbles, lots of bubbles! Gameplay mechanics like recording movement of sculptures and characters were shown. This is the performance and puppeteer aspect that was talked about before.

Everything you’re seeing now is all still early work in Dreams. The user interface, ideas, and more are all still work in progress. A big influence on how the game will shape up to be will be depending on YOU. Media Molecule will be basing the future direction of the game based on those who are a part of the Dreams PS4 beta in early 2016. Stay up to date on Dreams PS4 here at ImpSpace. Start your teams/groups early on our forums and get ready for an adventure!

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