Could PlayStation All-Stars 2 Be Possible in Dreams On PS4?

While more details have been revealing about Media Molecules new game, Dreams, it’s got us dreaming on a ton of possibilities. One of the big things to do in Dreams will be cameos. Cross gaming universe appearances are only limited to your imagination. This means, go ahead a make that new Crash Bandicoot and Spyro game you’ve always dreamt of. Make your own PlayStation All-Stars sequel.

The fact that Dreams is similar to a Little Big Planet game with 3D creation makes it exciting to work with. We know they it will have creation tools and gameplay mechanic logic for game creation. Will there be the right tools to create a fighting game in PlayStation Dreams? Fighting games were created in LBP, in which some were very entertaining to play. Let’s form a hypothetical game creation process along what we’ve learned from Paris Games Week about Dreams.

The gameplay logic is all there for objects to have different materials and textures for objects you create with different physical property’s. Character and object possession is a feature in Dreams on Ps4. You move around a Dream with said character which can be mashed up with gameplay. Since platforming games and more can be made in dreams, we have many of the very important attributes of a fighting game.

Fighting games whether they are 2D or 3D is looking very possible right now. The main thing to wonder is will the logic for Health be implemented in Dreams? It happened in Little Big planet with fighting games people created so we think this will become a reality. The fluidity of the game should be all there as well so the ability to create a fast action packed brawl is achievable. LBP also had levels where people had different buttons assigned for different moves. So the real only concern in Making a PlayStation All-Stars 2 game in Dreams should be combo systems.

This is just the waking reality of Dreams as you can see because anything is possible. Will it play out as well as the official PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale fighting game would? Probably not, because that was specifically made to be a fighting game. However we think attempted creations in this concept will be entertaining and amusing none the less. We’ll be hosting a community challenge and collab on the forums for those who want to attempt a PlayStation All-Stars like sequel on Dreams for PS4.

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They say we will have tools that will let us create stuff with 1-pixel precision.
so, if we want to draw a simple 3d car or another object, it will be possible.

One of the missing features in lbp is being unable to create our own textures. This should be easier to do, in Dreams. If we can draw whatever textures we want, even pixel by pixel, it will be great

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