Dreams At Paris Games Week Blew Our Minds!

Media Molecule took gamers by surprise with new details on their new PS4 exclusive game Dreams. We’ve predicted what could happen with Dreams Gameplay Mechanics speculation and we were pretty much on the ball! Check out the recap from Media Molecule’s Dreams presentation with new Alpha gameplay footage.

Imps are what we thought they were, and we let em off the hook! You customize your imp characters kind of like Sackboys in Little Big Planet. They go everywhere you go. It pretty much characterizes your soul. This game goes deep as you can see. Apart from exploring, Imps will also be how you communicate with people in Dreams on PS4.

They follow the movement of your controller and with the touchpad on the Dualshock 4 you can change expressions by drawing said ’emoji’. Just as we’ve seen from our analysis of Dreams with our over 20 Dreams revealed video, you control objects and movement with imps. Grab, pull, poke at the world to your hearts desire.

Logic is a factor when creating Dreams. We’ve seen the bouncy like property of the ball in the Alpha demo which was all in real time by the way. One object had a lot of weight to it and looked to be make of metal in the texture it was using. Dreams is like a giant massive digital sandbox that could technically rival No Mans Sky perhaps. It’s been said to be the Wikipedia of Dreams.

We all know by know that Dreams allows you to create games but to a greater extent that LBP could only DREAM of (pun intended). Create platform, racing, puzzle games and more. We’ve see first person in the presentation video from Paris Games Week.

As far as Dreams themselves, they can be very open. You don’t even have to follow the objects if there are any set, you could just goof off! Camera angles and lighting will help set the stage for your Dreams. We leave off with an official announcement of a Beta that starts in 2016 for Dreams on PS4!

What did you think of Dreams At Paris Games Week 2015? Keep in mind that even with seeing all of this today revealed by Media Molecule, Dreams is constantly evolving and will continue to surprise many in its current development.  More more updates and news on Dreams, keep a look out here at ImpSpace and chat with other dreams on the forums.

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