Early Concept Creations For Dreams On PS4

We had the pleasure of viewing early design concepts and sculptures of Dreams, PS4’s new exclusive from Media Molecule. Via Twitch Livestream, more insight to wet your appetite until Paris Games Week ensued. Sculpting is one of the many creative tools in Dreams to translate thoughts into reality.

Below are sculptures that date a few years back from now. The more recent but still outdated works are shown around a black border. There were some interesting tidbits such as the “Hoverbot” creation. We thought it would be funny if it had some ties in with the Playroom’s AR Bot. Maybe they can duke it out in a dream, haha. Enjoy these early concept creations and let us know what you think of them.

Did you get any specific ideas on what you will be creating? It it out to us on Twitter or Facebook! We’re inspired to attempt the Crash Banidcoot Aku Aku floating tiki.

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Wait… WHAT!!!! Those sculptures are awesome!!! Were the backgrounds created as well?

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