How Dreams Overcame Failure, Umbra Ignite 2015

At Umbra Ignite 2015, Alex from Media Molecule hosted a special presentation of the creative process of Dreams. The new IP coming to Sony’s Planstation4 is an ambiguous new title that is pushing the boundaries of Play, Create, Share. Even though these are the same amazing developers who’ve made Little Big Planet and Tearaway, it took quite a few turns to get where they are now.

Success knows that you must fall and go through failure to succeed and you can see these developers are progressing through experience. Media Molecule is hard at work on developing Dreams. You’ll soon be able to get involved in making your own dreams, games and collaborating with others. More info and insight into the dream realm is on the way with another Dev Diary next week as well as Paris Games Week approaching. Stay tuned for more exciting news on this highly anticipated title!

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