Media Molecule’s Dreams PS4 Getting PlayStation VR Support

Media Molecule’s Dreams PS4 Getting PlayStation VR Support was officially confirmed today. We knew this was a likely reality (or virtual reality you could say). Inception the game has been made and you have all the tools you need at your disposal to get lost in a universe of thoughts. It’s time to say goodbye to some of your social life outside of the VR realm! So how will this compliment Dreams on PS4?

As you know, PlayStation VR allows first person immersion in games. This means that you can get an even closer look when sculpting and crafting things down to its individual pixel. Both the movie/story and gaming creation aspect of the game will be much more immersive. Think about the jump scares people could make as they create nightmares in the horror genre. Remember our Dreams PS4 Nightmare Halloween Special?

As far as first person in games, we’ve seen it in the Dreams PS4 PlayStationPGW gameplay footage. There was a first person zombie smash em up type game displayed. Imagine if someone created a RIGS type game in Dreams on PS4! You could create the HUD of the mech and possibly adjust the gameplay logic of the PlayStation VR headset in that Dream. All of those side scrolling roller coaster rides in Little Big Planet can now be enjoyed all in first person.

PlayStation VR support in Dreams PS4 will go well in Online Multiplayer. It becomes an almost literal sandbox. There is so much room for creativity here. LBP surprised us each day as gamers impressed the masses (even Media Molecule) with what could be done with the game’s engine. We will see that happening in Dreams PS4 but times 10,000! Stay tuned for more Dreams PS4 news here at ImpSpace. Let us know what you think in the comments or our forums!

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