PlayStation Dreams Nightmare Halloween Special

A cool thing to note about Dreams on PlayStation 4 is the variety of themes. Dreams could end up being Nightmares and many people may have not thought about that view for this game. Gamers experience nightmares even when they aren’t asleep as they try to beat a section or boss in a video game (Look at Bloodborne). In the spirit of spookiness, we’ve created an example of what a Nightmare can be like in Dreams with our Halloween Special. This Nightmare is not made with the in-game engine but it should spark up some ideas in what you could portray as a Nightmare.

What real life events or games will enable your Nightmares? Could it be the moments of horror in Outlast’s jumpscares, your embarrassing moment in school, or perhaps your fears of never seeing Crash Bandicoot or Spyro ever again? We’re also curious to see Nightmares depicted in Dreams from people with fears over minuscule things like pickles, or balloons. For those of you who’ve seen Maury, you all know of those cases. Speaking of Maury, maybe that’s him in this gif!

Technically this was a Daydream and is categorized as such here at ImpSpace for example purposes. We’ve used the tags “Gaming” and “Scary” to better portray the type of Dream. If this were an actual Nightmare that someone has had then we would have used the “Nightmare” category. Keep this in mind when Dreams releases on PS4 as you share your creations with the community. For more news on Media Molecule’s new IP, follow us on Twitter, Reddit, and our YouTube channel!

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