What Will You Dream Of In Dreams?

There are many gamers still coming to grips as to what Dreams is and how it will play out on PS4. The new Media Molecule IP takes Play, Create, Share to a higher level than previously seen in the Little Big Planet series. Create Dreams, Music and even games in a 3D environment. People spend about 6 years total dreaming in their lifetime. Couple that with the potential of creative gamers with the PS4’s 22+ Million user base and you’ll be ready to see anything in this game.

It only takes one person or thing to inspire someone. That in turn inspires others in the cycle of creativity. To understand how Dreams will look, we’ve produced a video to give you a random look inside the mind of a person in one ‘Dream’. This dream is not made with the Dreams engine in the game but hopefully this will give you an idea as to what you may possibly achieve in Media Molecule’s “Dreams”. What have you dreampt of? What will you dream of next?

Dreams certainly isn’t your average game, but it’s a game changer. You don’t have to be the best at being creative. Whether your skill level is 0 or a 10, Dreams will be pick up and play for anyone. In fact, you don’t have to make things, you can explore creations from others. There will be opportunities for you to remix and collaborate with many. We’ll also be sure to host tutorials with tips and tricks for those wanting to get more advanced with the creation tools. You can find more coverage on Dreams here at ImpSpace and our social media pages.

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