Bob Ross Inspired Dreams PS4 Livestream

There are many people throughout history that have inspired us such as Joseph Turner. Lately everyone’s been in a Bob Ross crazy because of Twitch. Even some of the Media Molecule team has caught on to this as shown by the latest stream of Dreams on PS4 There’s already a nice level of creative flow in Dreams on PS4 because of gesture input. With less time and distraction interrupting your flow comes more time for creative ideas.

With the PS Move and Dualshock 4’s unique inputs, you can adjust multiple parameters when creating. It has been said that the PlayStation Move is the most comfortable and natural way to create in Dreams PS4. The dualshock controller in itself also has many advantages such as the touchpad and more natural gameplay action control. New techniques in create mode add a spin (pun intended) to everything. The new Twist tool allows for some fancy creative shapes unlike never before.

Karem from Media Molecule shares one of his techniques in Dreams by explaining how he just puts paint in the 3D space vs on the color palette. Everyone will have entirely different techniques. Anton at Media Molecule mentioned a tip where a player could use a cylinder for both flat and curved surfaces instead of switching shapes.

Some of the coolest things in-game from Dreams PS4 that we saw were the AT AT from Starwars, and Batman. We’re expecting to see the Joker in PlayStation Dreams as well. Someone should make a where’s Kevin game now that we think of it (a where’s Waldo spinoff game featuring Kevin Butler). The search feature is simplified with a focus on visuals and different types of category sorting.

Media Molecule designed the UI to encourage ‘happy little accidents’. Sounds like a Bob Ross joke but its so true for allowing even more creativity to flow. Through discovery and exploration we all grow our creative minds! Pretty much anything is possible in Dreams on PS4. You will be able to creation dreams inception to a further extent than what was possible in LBP. Make a tearaway game, a game within a game, kilometer long dreams with thousands of objects, go crazy!

Let us know what you’re excited about lately for Dreams PS4. While you’re waiting for the Dreams beta in early 2016 try our latest Dreams Remix Pre-Release Challenge!

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