Dreams PS4 is about to go Deeper

Today we join Mark, Steve, Peter, and John in Media Molecule’s latest Dreams PS4 stream live from Twitch! First in create mode we see more gameplay footage in Dreams with character possession. Pilot Bird made by Mm artist Emily shows premade animations are possible such as flapping.  As allowed by the creator and settings of the Dream, the camera has totally free form movement.

As the level was shaping up quickly do to convent creative tools in Dreams, more insight in the amount of detail was given. Plain buildings could have cobble stone attached to the sides in seconds. Not only that, we can finally see water in Dreams PS4. This should make gameplay quite interesting with all kinds of ideas. Even just now we’re wondering will someone create a Hydrophobia type game/level in Dreams.

Showing off the waterfall stream, John at Media Molecule explains how painting animations in mid air can allow such simulation. Imagine all the cool effects and visuals you can apply this technique too. Laser and light shows, detailed Michael Bay type explosions, the sky’s the limit. Media Molecule is starting to get away from the concept of there being a create mode mentioned separately from play mode. They are one in the same now.

Due to a glitch or mishap while Mark was creating macaroons, they arrive miles below their creations. This was actually a pleasant happy little surprise because it shows an example of how big a level can be. The is a helpful feature to undo or teleport back to a certain area as well in PlayStation Dreams.

Later on in the Dreams PS4 stream is where things start to get deeper. Progressing into to dream portals while dream surfing, premade assets are displayed within the dollhouse placed. After starting off as a bear, Mark possesses some kind of orange character. The animation walk cycle is absolutely fantastic to watch.

Particle effects and animations are a thing as seen by dream portals. The light rays emitting from the doors illuminate particles. Break on through to the other side! Peter tells how physics sounds will already be in place as well as your own sound bits and bytes, even your own music within Dreams PS4.

Plenty more is to be revealed of Dreams PS4 soon especially at PSX (PlayStation Experience). Don’t miss out on the up coming livestreams. We’ve got some cool things coming up here at PlayStation 4 Dreams and for now we leave you with two questions. What are imps made of in Dreams PS4? What are dreams made of?

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So help me out here, at the most basic level, would you describe dreams as a 3d LBP? I know developers hate thos kinds of descriptions, but I’ve been having a hard time understanding what the hell this game is supposed to be and that’s pretty much the conclusion I’ve come to. So am I correct?

To keep it simple, yes. But you can do so much more where anything is possible. You don’t have to create, if you are a gamer and like playing games, you will like Dreams 🙂 All your favorite games that you play now, they exist because a developer had a dream. Now anyone can have a dream and create it to share with everyone.

So you can play TONS of games, storys, and experience with Dreams. You can also have fun creating or just plan goofing off in dreams. Makes sense? 🙂

Yea, makes sense. Can’t wait for the Beta, definitely feels like a game that plays better than it demos so getting it in peoples hands should go a long way to helping us figure shit out.

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