Dreams PS4 Hub Levels

Dreams PS4 Hub levels will be like curated galaxy’s within the Dreams Universe. These hubs which can be made in so many various ways are made up of level links. Taking a look back at Little Big Planet, users would create their own LBP literally from their pod. There was no play mode in this space unless you pulled an inception and made a level based off the pod.

Players in LBP could also make a sort of hub for different levels. Of course in LBP, there wasn’t a seamless blend of Play and Create nor did it have the new found potential that Dreams PS4 has. Whether you want to create an 8bit, holographic, anime, terminal hub or whatever else is up to you. Maybe people who’ve created a Dreams PS4 game logic group could make their hub look like a code editor.

Dreams PS4 Hub Levels

You don’t have to create a Hub at all but it can add a nice touch for many different ideas gamers may have. Us here at ImpSpace will have our own community hub but we’re hoping to see other amazing Dreams PS4 hub levels from gamers too. There’ll be hubs within hubs that people will use for categorization, like a music hub with a lower level for pop music.

By now we’re sure you’re starting to get some ideas for hubs that there could be just be randomly thinking of ‘what-ifs’ and ‘why-nots’. What cool ideas do you have for Dreams PS4 hub levels? Let us know on our forums and get some collabs going with other dreamers. We’ll have more on Dreams PS4 here at ImpSpace.

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