Sound and Music Creation in Dreams PS4


Sound and music creation in Dreams PS4 are going to be a big element for the community to work with. Back in Little Big Planet, audio creation was made via the music sequencer. Different music parameters could be tweaked and affected in real-time with in-game logic. Voice acting and sound recording in itself were also prominent in the LBP community.


Performance of music

Media Molecule will have gigabytes of audio assets ready to be used and remixed by players in Dreams PS4. You can layer up and manipulate sounds to create a one of a kind sound for your dream. Dreams goes further with audio creation and brings in performance as you will soon see. Also, here’s something to think about; music creation in Dreams PS4 with PlayStationVR. Couple that with Live events from gamers in Dreams and people will be having mini concerts on the PS4.


Imported sounds

There’s a feature in Dreams to use sounds imported from the DreamsPS4 website. Currently at this time in development only the Media Molecule team can use it but the plan is for gamers to do this as well. You don’t have to be an perfectionist at anything in Dreams and sound design is no exception. Thankfully with Dreams PS4 groups/teams we can know who the go-to people are for particular creative aspects.

Dreams PS4 Audio Groups

With a Dreams group like Audio Crafters, not only could you reach out to gamers in that group but the group could have their own hub within Dreams. There is so much creative potential here and it’s exciting!

To get ready for the DreamsPS4 beta before it’s official release, we’re encouraging gamers to create and join groups for the game to collaborate with others. Perhaps those of you who’ve done voice acting in LBP would love to put yourself out there in Dreams PS4. Someone from a DreamsPS4 character creation group for example may need a voice actor and audio dreamer so why not get a head start?

We’ll have more details on Dreams PS4 as well as its music creation aspect here at ImpSpace. Stay tuned for the upcoming beta trial early this year in 2016. If you haven’t already done so, sign up for our community forums and you’ll have access to post content to the front page in the future!

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hi folks , my copy of dreams is winging its way to me as I type this . my question is , can I import some of my own music , mp3 or wav file into a project and the build a ‘ dream ‘ around it . im really looking forward to playing with this , and hope to create something quite impressive . obviously I will have to have to really get into the mechanics of the system , but looking at some of the things others have done , I cant wait .

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