Dreams Character Spotlight: Stretch Dad

As people create all sorts of characters in Dreams, there will be ones that really stick out. With the latest Dreams PS4 screenshot reveal of Stretch Dad, we figured we’d discuss what makes him likeable with Media Molecule’s latest game.


Ever since this character was shown in the Paris Games Week Dreams segment, many discovered how characters in Dreams can have a distinct look. With a character designed that’s thin and agile, he’s is a very good example for anyone to base their own work from. He is like a caricature of some guys out there. There is emphasis on how unusually thin many are, yet Stretch Dad has a somewhat buff torso.

Stretch Dad

Stretch Dad


A Character That Hits Home

Just like any person in real life, Stretch Dad is an interesting character with his own little quirks. Some of us have unusually interesting dads that have and unintentional emphasis on their own attributes. It’s self explanatory with this character obviously. What we’re curious to see is this applied to other type of characters. Someone could end up creating a separate character that’s called Irked Mom.

These are some things to keep in mind if you need inspiration for character design in Dreams PS4. That, as well as naming your characters. Who knows, maybe Stretch Dad was originally named Robert and everyone just caught on to the stretching aspect, thus his nickname was born!

Let us know your thoughts on Stretch Dad, the most interesting dad in the world, or even your own! We’ll have more on Dreams here at ImpSpace. Don’t forget to share your own work with us on the forums and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

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