Entire Dreams PS4 Level Made On Train To GDC

There is always an adventure to start anywhere at anytime, even on a train as you’ll see. Media Molecule has been at the GDC 2016 event showing off Dreams. Hosted with Kinda Funny Games in a livestream, we got a chance to explore more into the game’s current state.

Everything within the code and servers allows virtually anything to be done. Something new we’ve thought about is 3D tracking. Mark Healey from Mm had mentioned that gamers don’t need a camera nor PS Move controllers to play dreams. If you did use the camera with the Dualshock 4, then 3D tracking would be enabled. We’ve seen tracking in the popular Playroom AR app on Ps4. Imagine Dreams PS4 making use of tracking within your room & the type of gameplay that could allow if implemented this way.

Colin from Kinda Funny Games ask if there was a game in Dreams PS4 for those who don’t want to create. The answer is yes; there is a full fledged game in the front end of Dreams PS4. The main story will feature a tactile interactive adventure game coupled with the character possession gameplay mechanic.

The creative aspect within the game is there for those who wish to dive into it. Mark gave a great example of how the balance of creators vs those to explore would ratio out. It’d be similar to YouTube in which there are more people who watch content while there is so much to check out as well.

While mucking around within the current updated UI in Dreams, we saw a glimpse at maps. In the explore maps menu, you could see how various dreams were connected. They showed the bubble map from PSX and how those early dreams have shifted into other levels. One can go through these levels and more while “Dream surfing” in the game.

Entire Dreams PS4 Level Made On The Train To GDC


On the way to GDC, Media Molecule devs made this entire Dreams PS4 level on train in 2 days. It’s one of the coolest levels we’ve seen with it’s aesthetics. The music within the level created by Bogdan really set the mood well for the scene.

Press X To Play Entire Dreams PS4 Level

In this fun sci-fi type level, the logic of your character controlling fuel pellets is tied to character hand gestures. You can make these little guys stay or follow you depending on how you navigate the level. We know that there will be constant jaw dropping moments in Dreams PS4 especially with VR factored in later on.

Entire Dreams PS4 Level Following

Before the livestream ended there was one more new dream shown made by John B. He’s getting married his year (Congrats!) and during his lunch he sculpted a wedding venue. This was a way for him and his fiance to decide how to set up. It is the exact venue according to the pictures he’s taken and its inspiring. We’re looking forward to more amazing ideas seen in Dreams PS4.

Let us know what you’ve thought of the new Dreams content shown from the live Twitch stream. Check back here later for more on Dreams! You can also add us on our Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter pages.

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