Media Molecule Has A Dreams PS4 Character Speed Jam

Media Molecule Has A Dreams PS4 Character Speed Jam

Dave Smith, Mike, & Maja at Media Molecule show us how quick it is to create characters in a Dreams PS4 character speed jam. This shows once again that going straight to Dreams is the best way to get ideas flowing vs on paper. Starting out with a default biped, changing the proportions and the basic structures is a good way to start.

With Mike up to bat creating the first character using PS Moves, Dave joins in with the Dualshock 4. This is a good reason for customizing imps in case you may get confused over which imp is yours. A pro tip noted from the livestream when creating the walk cycles; save the Sass for last. “That’s the most powerful slider. It’s a way of life” mentions Dave Smith.


As you watch further along in the stream, you’ll notice a UI change with selecting objects. It looks pretty cool. Keep in mind everything is still in development and can change. With the rest of the characters, a timer was issued just to show you how fast it can be to create them. Take a look at some of these modern marvels:

buff-potato   dreams-funny-taunt





At the very end with all the unique and interesting characters made in a short time-span, it’s time to play with them (Even though they were already doing that). Half the fun is just goofing off and mucking around with no objective. It was part of the fun in the Little Big Planet series in it’s create mode. What were some of your best moments in LBP create mode with friends? It will be even better in Dreams PS4 so check back with us at ImpSpace and on our forums for more coverage!

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