New Details On Dreams Coming Soon As E3 2016 Draws Near

There will be more details on Dreams coming soon as E3 2016 draws near. In today’s livestream with Liam, Bogdan, and John B, we got a chance to take a closer look at the Train Jam level. There were also some cool behind the scene’s clips from their GDC train journey with more to come.

Details On Dreams Coming Soon

As you know by now, the train jam level was created in 2 days among the distractions of beautiful scenery seen by train. The music you hear in this level is created 100% in Dreams PS4 by Bogdan and it sounds great! The music creation side of dreams will be shown soon. There is the ability to import sounds and whether Media Molecule will release that feature to the public is still being discussed.

The logic will also be shown within the upcoming months. You can see some of the action in play in the latest video as the fuel pellets are programmed to follow our rocket character. The level took quite a bit of inspiration from states in the U.S. like Iowa and Nebraska as Media Molecule traveled to GDC. The view of the water flowing at the bottom of the mountain was quite interesting as well.


At first, most of the creative sculpting side of Dreams was prominently shown in past livestreams. We are starting to shift into more Dreams gameplay within levels created. Dreams PS4 release date details will be revealed within a few months. In the meantime, come join us on the Dreams PS4 forums here at ImpSpace. We’ll be showing off some pretty amazing things from the community within the beta and full release!


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