Things You May Have Missed In Dreams Gameplay Clips

You may get a bit of deja vu from these Dreams gameplay clips. Originally shown for mere milliseconds, we’ve extended these sneak peaks into dreams for those who enjoy the eye candy. That said, if you look carefully you’ll notice things you may have missed. Here’s a few notable mentions taken from the video.

From what’s seen so far of “The Event” dream leaves viewers with a feeling of uncertainty. It looks like the aftermath of a great party or the aftermath of something that went wrong. There is another view of this dream located in a bubble at 0:06 in the Dreams PS4 trailer.



The scene with Mighty Mouse doesn’t look like the library scene we saw him in at PGW. This snippet is a good reminder of how lighting and shadows affect your dream. Who thinks that this dream actually is in color and that this is simply a filter?


“The Hills” scene is pretty lively. Check out the wind simulation on the grass, motion in various models, and logic elements. This kind of dream just befounds you. One more thing, do you think that’s the rocketship from the Dreams Train Jam level?


The coined “Dream Boarders” title is a reference to Cool Borders on the PS1. There is a snow level that looks like it could be connected with this. “The Seaking” level may very well be connected in a dream map to this. It looks amazing and we can’t wait to see more dreams like this. Let us know what you think of these game clips in the ImpSpace forums.



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