E3 2016 Week Dreams Update

Originally this week it seemed as if there would be a DreamsPS4 livestream, yet it was an error as the event was indeed cancelled. The team at Media Molecule is grinding out the development of the game which is good for gamers. The harder they work, the faster the game gets into our hands. Here is the latest tweet from Media Molecule with a Dreams update during the E3 2016 week


A little note from us about #E32016. #DreamsPS4 pic.twitter.com/2nNwFJk11F

— Media Molecule (@mediamolecule) June 14, 2016


This doesn’t take away from the fact that E3 2016 has been great for PlayStation fans! Not only that, all of what’s going on a PlayStation will fuel the ambition and imagination of everyone. Many of you could be inspired by what you see and have influence the kind of creations you make or seek out in DreamsPS4.

Share your creations with us whether they be drawings, digital art, videos, etc! In fact, as you can see we’ve put out a DreamsPS4 Spoof advert. Enjoy and don’t forget to follow our community on Twitter and Facebook. We’re also in the PSN Community section under “DreamsPS4”. Enjoy the rest of E3 2016 week!

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