PlayStation Access Joins The Latest Dreams PS4 Stream

Today we had Hollie and David from PlayStation Access join Media Molecule’s latest Dreams PS4 livestream! Jamie at Media Molecule started off with sculpting some floral work. Shown early on, the presents with the current work in progress UI allow for easy tweaks.

Next Jamie shows more of the sprite tool in Dreams which adds so many possibilities in style. Couple that with pressure sensitivity, rotation, etc.; you can really pull of something crazy after experimenting. The tags feature will be useful for  those looking to grab similar looking assets quickly for a level ie #Flowers #Cellshaded #Photorealistic.


We caught a glimpse of the particle emitter in Dreams PS4 in action as these light bulb objects pop out. This is a test level Jamie, who’s in QA at Media Molecule, has been working on.

The UI has been worked on more and you can see all sorts of changes (again, all WIP of course). The main tools menu shows what may be snapshots of recent objects. You can also see different categories from your user profile in Dreams PS4 as well.

Perspective in Dreams PS4 is a wonderful thing. At first when Media Molecule was putting together this Dreams forest level together, it appeared to be small, but bringing in a character to explore it all in 3rd person looks fantastically immersive. Even walking through this one scene makes it look like it would be a cutscene, buts its all gameplay! This means that making movie cut-scenes can be extremely easy.

They even showed off a Deslin Badger, inspired by Infamous Second Son! Made my Maja and Media Molecule <3

Dreams PS4 forest level put together in an hour.

Dreams flower forest

That wraps it up for today’s livestream. Let us know what you thought of everything on our Dreams forums. Keep in mind that the week after next is E3 week so while nothing is confirmed at the moment, we’re thinking some form of new information about Dreams PS4 will be out. We’ll find out, see all during E3 2016!

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