Sci-Fi Atmosphere in Dreams PS4

In today’s livestream, Media Molecule show off some amazing atmosphere in Dreams PS4! The premade level was actually made of 3 assets of a block. The technique for making it look unique is simply rotation.

Setting up the vibe in a Dreams level enhances the players experience as you can see how incrementally ogling everything becomes. The space girl character itself interacts with the environment with the built in helmet flashlight. Within this space level came environmental lighting that brought up memories of games like Destiny and No Mans Sky! Scale in space is just boundless as well.

Terrain is climbable and various elevations which allows players to traverse more of the scenery. Exploration will be simply amazing and the concept of Dream surfing will have players wondering where the time went. Next we got to see more amazing animations in Dreams PS4.


It was an amazing livestream and the next stream for Dreams PS4 will happen in 2 weeks. What was your favorite part and what are you looking forward to next? We’re working on some things behind the scenes to until then head over to the Dreams forums and stay tuned for more Dreams news!

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