How Dreams PS4 Would Look If It Were Like Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has hit the app store and millions of people travel to catch em all! With Media Molecule’s Dreams coming out, we wondered how Dreams PS4 would look like with a Pokemon GO feel to it. That is, Dreams PS4 in AR.


With that said, Dreams from Media Molecule can be played in VR. However, if there were to be some incorporation of PS4 camera, then we may get an AR experience in Dreams. If players could use a live feed of the camera and have logic from Dreams to beam a character or a scene in your living room, that would be awesome don’t ya think?

DreamsGo - Forrest

Share your thoughts on Dreams PS4 and AR. What would you create or look forward to if Dreams got AR support? We’ll have more to come here at ImpSpace!

DreamsGo - StretchDad

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