Media Molecule’s Dreams PS4 Livestream with Shu Yoshida

Today at PlayStation HQ, Media Molecule gave an astounding Dreams PS4 Livestream with Shu Yoshida. Showing off a new never before seen timelapse and new Dreams gameplay, the Twitch and YouTube viewers went bananas!

Dreams PS4 is still in an Alpha state, however the UI at it’s current state is looking fantastic. The Dreamiverse goes deep with endless exploration. With so many Dreams, curators in-game and here at ImpSpace will have to round up the coolest things they can find.


New Gameplay Dreams PS4 Livestream with Shu Yoshida

Everything you see and hear is made in Dreams PS4. This is the most complex Dreams level we’ve seen so far and yet the loading still remains seamless. You can see puzzle aspects of the game in which the micro robot unlocks a bigger character with a special power. With a twin stick shooting mechanic, our new character is seen shooting out water. The water mechanic was all made using the Dreams in-game gadget system. You can even see a switch to first person mode either baked into the character or a simple scene camera view.



“You can pretty much make anything you imagine in Dreams” – Alex Evans


Little bits of new details on Dreams are slowly coming out. What did you think of this special Dreams PS4 livestream with Shu Yoshida? Let us know what you want to see in the next stream. Don’t forget we’re working on the next community update here at ImpSpace so stay tuned and sign up if you haven’t already! See you next stream 🙂

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