Dreams Summer Games Race!

While the Olympics are going on Media Molecule cues up their own sports race with Dreams PS4. The Dreams Summer games race begins as Stretch Dad and the Olympic Banana (for scale) compete for the best times. We have Daniel Kidney from Australia representing QA and John Beech from the UK representing the designers along with Alex Perry from QA as the referee. Watching the video you’ll also notice a few changes made to Dreams PS4.


The dreams skybox has a somewhat different texture of swirls apart from what we’ve seen in other streams. The backgrounds seem almost procedurally generated when going throughout menus in Dreams PS4. Also when opening the tools within the UI, it seems the sizing changes, and this might be based on how the sixaxis is corresponding.

Collections are more organized and when you get to the actual collection sub level, you’ll find that they are organized in a slightly off grid pattern. Character customization is easy and you can see by zooming up close to your character.


As far as gameplay, we see the characters programed to sprint after pushing the analog forward enough. Boost pads and jump pads are aligned along the track to spice things up. When the race began, a timer starts built in along the start/finish line. No, you cant cheat if you’re wondering due to the marker points along the track.

Dreams Summer Games

The final complete race was set in the dreams summer games livestream. Stretch Dad finished at 28.99 seconds. Olympic Banana unfortunately was disqualified being out of bounds. Congrats to both Dreams characters for participating! What did you all think of the livestream? Remember you can experience a sparkle of Dreams with the new Media Molecule 10th anniversary pack in LBP3. We’ll see you here for more Dreams PS4 news at ImpSpace!

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