Dreams PS4 Parallel Worlds Game Design Conference Preview

V&A; the world’s leading museum of art and design had a taste of what Media Molecule’s been working on lately. Check out this Dreams PS4 parallel worlds game design conference preview. There is no video of Kareem’s presentation, but we’ve got some cool snapshots for you to gaze at!

Dreams PS4 Parallel Worlds Game Design Conference

Kareem showing the process of duplication and more using simple objects to slowly create a more complex scene.


Performance “X”

Top right scene shows us a live feed from a camera as a backdrop (which we’ve seen before) while drawing in Dreams PS4.

Example of scale and perspective

Planning out a scene while keeping scale and perspective in mind helps make the dream more lively.

Building Worlds


V&A may be posting an audio feed of the event soon so keep a look out for updates. Speaking of updates, we should be close to getting another update on Dreams PS4 as well. Perhaps we’ll have some new Dreams PS4 news at this years PSX and train jam. Not only that, but we are getting closer to finishing the ImpSpace update here. There’s lots to be excited about so stay tuned for more announcements and be sure to join the DreamsPS4 Discord chat server. You can keep up with ImpSpace on our social media pages too.

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The scenery in these shots is incredible.

I so can’t wait for the Beta to come out. I have been following this game since the first announcement. MM you guys are my favorite game studio I love your games and you keep going bigger and better with ever new title. Honestly have so many ideas drawn up and layed out for Dreams that I’ll definitely have some Dream bubbles made and published in the firsr week. 🙂 Keep up the amazingness, wonderment, and dreaming because you guys are by far the most creative group out there!

Can’t wait for Dreams. It looks amazing (From a #PCMasterRace person. Heh, I might have a reason to use my PS4 again :D)

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