Media Molecule Opens LBParty Stream With New Dreams Footage

Today Media Molecule celebrated 10 years with it’s LBParty! Although featuring LittleBigPlanet, they opened their LBParty stream with new Dreams footage. Go ahead and check out the full video archive and experience the nostalgia! Also, find out how you can get a special LBP in-game pin for today by viewing the video.

LBParty Stream With New Dreams Footage

LBParty Stream With New Dreams Footage

Many of us can agree, 10 years seem to have went by fast when you take all the memories and times spent in Media Molecule’s games in to account. Not only just in-game but outside of Media Molecule games as well. It was not only Media Molecule who helped get us to this point, but the fans who have also contributed with awesome support and a whole slew of user content. At this rate we can definitely bring out more cake for a new decade.

Wrapping up the livestream, it was time to bring out the cake!

Start a journey, venture out, explore, and learn along the way. Remember where you started your journey and use it to influence your future. That is what Media Molecule does and you can see what has influence many elements in Dreams, the next new game from Media Molecule. What are your dreaming of? Make a wish and follow your Dreams to make them a reality. Impspace wishes Media Molecule a happy birthday and many great years of new adventures to come! See you all soon with more on Dreams <3


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