Get Ready For Dreams PS4 With LBP3 Free On PS+

Dreams will have familiar traits when it comes to its creation tools with things such as logic. If you’ve played Little Big Planet, you will have a slightly smoother move into Media Molecule’s new game. With LBP3 being the latest installment from Sumo Digital, if for some reason you haven’t played it yet, now’s the perfect time. So get ready for Dreams PS4 with LBP3 Free On PS+ this month.

Little Big Planet 3 offered new sack characters to it’s arsenal introducing new gameplay mechanics. It introduced even more layers to add to the games esthetic and creative nature. People have continued to impress and be impressed by all sorts of levels within this franchise. Take a look at some cool levels to check out online:

This is only a small taste of what’s inside the LBP universe. To get a better idea of how crazy and unpredictable Dreams will be, take a look at what gamers like DISARMED have created. Think to yourself, have you ever expected to see anything like this in LBP and did you know it was possible?

DISARMED Uncharted 4 Trailer recreation

3D level made by DISARMED

He is one of many to make jaw dropping releases in Little Big Planet. There are also many people who have not shared their work in LBP. So while there are now over 10,000,000 published LBP levels, there are actual more levels made that are unpublished. So don’t let your dreams just be dreams!

Now that LBP3 is free with PlayStation Plus this month in February, go ahead and get it if you haven’t or recommend it to someone who hasn’t played it yet. Then tell them about how crazy Dreams will be! Also we’ll be playing online with the community here at ImpSpace so when you’re on the Dreams Discord Server feel free to let people know when you’re in LBP3. Have fun and we’ll have more to share with you all soon!

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