A New Dreams PS4 Screenshot Appears on World Frog Day

A New Dreams PS4 screenshot appears on #WorldFrogDay. It’s pretty cool, maybe even Dreams will feature frogs the same way Tearaway Unfolded has featured squirrels. The use of what seems to be translucent material applied to these critters works well with showing off the scenes lighting. The tech in Dreams is amazing because when you think about it, this looks like a still from a CGI cut-scene in some game one may think. Although the scene is constructed out of a more solid style, there are still some subtle elements of painterly strokes applied to the branch, setting off the pic in a unique way.

We’re wondering how many people may have glanced at this thinking it was a real photo since this is a common type of photography shot. Just think of all the different species that could be subjected to this type of shot alone.



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