ImpSpace Beta Update

We’re in beta mode now, that is, not the Dreams beta but the ImpSpace beta. While you are waiting to get you hands on Dreams from Media Molecule, we’ve launched a beta update to ImpSpace. There are a few new things brought about so lets take a look.

Site layout

The ImpSpace site layout has started to update. Blog post templates are new and people can customized how their post will look. Soon you all will be able to post so keep and eye out. The forums are now finally updated and it is easy to filter topics by subject. So for instance if you want to post in Dreams you can sort by music, movies, games, etc. Group pages have been updated visually as well which will be a great place to laser direct your specific talents and interest in Dreams PS4.


A few other extras have been included in the ImpSpace beta update. You can now directly upload pictures without having to include an image link. If you need to you can still input images with a link. Emojis for the ImpSpace Dreams forums and Dreams PS4 Discord server are now available. Should we call them Impojis? As time goes on we want to include popular user emoji uploads as well so you’re own emoji could be implemented at some point too!

That’s it for now. There is much we have coming up here at ImpSpace with this Dreams community and we haven’t even started yet in retrospective. Now let’s get ready for the Dreams beta and help shape the game up to what it will be once released. Stay tuned for more Dreams news and updates here at ImpSpace and on our social media pages.

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