Dreams VFX Festival Update

Media Molecule updates us on Kareem’s presentation from their latest work. Here’s some highlights from the Dreams VFX Festival Update, much which was shown at the Dreams PS4 parallel worlds game design conference:


Off Screen Dreams Clip

During the end of Kareem’s Dreams presentation at 2017 VFX Festival, there was a short Q&A with the last question being our highlight:


Audience Member: “Is there anyway to export what you produce in Dreams and into for example Maya or zBrush and work from that?”

Kareem: “Definitely, the code is written in a way that supports that. The hurdle is legal, is not really technological. We wrote the system in a way that you can make a game in Dreams and publish it in a standalone way. You can 3d print stuff, you can print, you can export assets and use them in further suites. So definitely we had that vision that it has to be able to do that, and then we are working with our legal departments in that in how to have a system, that allows that to be fluid and usable and exciting. So definitely the answer is yes; Dreams wants to be able to talk to the extended version. We start the first wave of the project being within its ecosystem, but very quickly (because the PlayStation has a button that exports videos) we have tools that export screenshots and imagery that you can take into Photoshop and paint over or you can make a model that you can export. So we’ve got that pipeline, and Dreams will start with a version of that but then we will build on it so its like higher and higher quality and work out the intricacies of that process, but the technology is there.”


Dreams PS4 is a very big project that is being fine tuned and it isn’t just during the beta that things will evolve, but even after Dreams officially releases. Stay tuned for more on Dreams as we dive into it further here at ImpSpace!

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