6 E3 2017 Games To Inspire You In DreamsPS4

It’s the end of E3 2017 and as many of you know DreamsPS4 did not make an appearance. It is due to the game heavily being worked  on as priority number 1. Here the latest tweet from Media Molecule:

Good luck to all at #E3 this week! No E3 for us as we are busy tapping away, getting ready to share more about #DreamsPS4 later this year!

— Media Molecule (@mediamolecule) June 13, 2017

Of course, Jim Ryan from Sony also is aware of Dreams’ progress stating more will be revealing this year. Sony PlayStation knows how ambitious DreamsPS4 is,  including Shuhei Yoshida. It is a very special and huge new IP that both Media Molecule, and PlayStation want to reveal in certain ways. Apart from Dreams, with all E3 2017 gaming announcements combined, there are some awesome games to expect. Here are 6 E3 2017 games to inspire you in DreamsPS4. As we’ve stated before, no matter who or where a game is from, it will have some impact on the gaming industry in one way or another.


With TUNIC, you have a simple controlled action adventure game staring an adorable FOX. The isometric world’s physics and graphics are really something to admire when playing. Simple game in the making made slightly complex, with graphical tuning is a somewhat easy step by step process that you can apply in Dreams. With a release date of 2018, there’s time to see even more development progress with TUNIC as time goes by.


Ylands (pronounced “islands”) is a low polygon mincraft type of game. There are many interactive attributes to the game as you create and tweak the world around you. Whether you take the time for yourself or join others in multiplayer, ylands looks to be an fun sandbox adventure for all. The game also has a workshop to enjoy what others have made in-game. The platform also allows you to make simple to complex custom games . This is one game you’ll probably want to use to inspire your larger DreamsPS4 levels.

The Last Night

For a game that started out as a flash game made in 6 days, The Last Night shows what hard working progress can achieve. It even won the cyberpunkjam in 2014. The Last Night is a short and sweet moody cyberpunk adventure game.  Two brothers in Paris made the inspiring title akin to Flashback & Blade Runner. What’s so neat about this title is the contrast between it’s pixel art and the aesthetics of the environment with lighting for instance. The vibe and atmosphere given off from The Last Night makes a great experience; two key things that you should think about when you’re diving into DreamsPS4. Oh, and just to let you know, you can play the original version of The Last Night here. So, how many times have you watched the E3 trailer reveal?


Moss is a PlayStation VR game from Polyarc featuring a cute mouse named Quill. Being an action adventure puzzler based in VR is a unique experience. Perspective and perception is everything here. Not only are you a dynamic duo but you also can control Quill. The world built in Moss from Polyarc is like one from a storybook and it gives off a special feeling for the players. The lesson to take from this game is to simply think about different ways for player interaction. From the CEO of Polyarc, “We’ve wanted to make this game from the very beginning—to take the core of what makes a great game and then bring it to life with the magic of VR. We’re so excited to finally share it with the world.” – Tam Armstrong


Double Fine is on the silly farm with this type. Ooblets is….something we can’t quite explain, and that makes it perfect for inspiring your levels in DreamsPS4! When you look at Ooblets you might think of games like Katamari, Noby Noby Boy, Harvest Moon, or Animal Crossing mashed into one. Here’s the jest of the title; you have a farming and creature collecting game. That calls for exploration of an interesting looking world. Apparently you can even battle Ooblet trainers (Pokemon vibes here). When it comes to Ooblets, check out the techniques and ideas it uses in-game as that can spark up some creativity for techniques you use in Dreams.

Yoshi (Switch)

Nintendo brings Yoshi back and this time to the Switch console. From the trailer, you can sense that simple yet intuitive platform gameplay. The art direction for the new Yoshi game is crafty and akin to a miniature diorama. Pay attention to the details in gameplay as there are definitely some great decisions used in Yoshi that not only can but SHOULD be considered for making dreams in DreamsPS4. Plus, the fact that the game also focused on the optional simultaneous 2 player gameplay is a great thing to achieve for dreams community levels with multiplayer. Yoshi for Nintendo Switch is looking to turn everything about side-scrolling games upside down.

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