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Fellow Impys, its that time again, E3 is arriving. The Electronic Entertainment Expo this year will be June 10th through the 15th. ImpSpace will be starting our E3 2017 Live Discord Chat this time around. Here’s the question everyone is wondering; will we see DreamsPS4 at E3 2017? Last year Media Molecule did not have an update per se on Dreams other than being hard at work on the game. However, fans of DreamsPS4 have had a few great new glimpses of the game sparingly throughout the rest of the year. So, what can we expect time around?

There’s a chance for an update around the time of E3 no matter how minor or big it may be. Since Media Molecule has used their time working on the game more than showing it off lately, we get the traditional progress of game development again. Media Molecule broke the mold early on by doing livestreams of DreamsPS4 for a good while. The livestreams stopped so that more time and effort can go into the game. It’s a good thing because we are all used to seeing a game trailer, but never really used to seeing a game progressively develop from start to finish. This means there is a bigger update coming, whether it be at E3 or another time. The story mode for Dreams recently has been finishing up. Also remember, the DreamsPS4 beta was delayed from 2016. The beta might include some brief single player content along with online multiplayer to show both aspects of Dreams.

At E3, PlayStation, Microsoft, Nintendo, and even PC gaming announcements will effect each others gaming sector no matter how little or big the cause and effect will have. This is done via developers and for titles like Dreams, gamers. Imagine seeing a game from Nintendo that inspires you to make your own idea for a game in Dreams. Maybe Microsoft or PlayStation comes out with a new game that inspires a new feature for DreamsPS4, you never know. This is why we look forward to all E3 2017 press conferences.

E3 2017 Live Discord Chat

Sony PlayStation’s E3 2017 conference starts on 6/12 at 6:00PM PDT (9PM EST). With the DreamsPS4 community here at ImpSpace, we will be watching PlayStation’s event live together and invite you to join us. We’ll be in the Live Voice Channel using the DreamsPS4 Discord Server and we’ll also be on PSN. So get some snacks, grab some pals, and get ready for an amazing E3 this year! What are your predictions and what are you looking forward to?

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