Media Molecule Makes the FL Studio of Dreams PS4 Music Creation

A lot more has been revealed since Dreams PS4 showed up for the first time in a long time at PSX 2017. Remember how music was one of the few things remaining to be showed? Well, you’ll be happy to know, Dreams is getting its own DAW (That’s Digital Audio Workstation). Just as programs like FL Studio work, Dreams music creation get’s just as in-depth as the rest of the game does! The FL Studio of Dreams PS4 music creation looks like a big game changer in itself alone.

Media Molecule really set out to make everything made in Dreams, really made in Dreams. The quality for everything had to be met, and although LBP had something, using that standard would have done a dis-service to Dreams. You can search for music and place them in your level via a timeline system.The creative minds with the direction of Media Molecule’s fantastic audio team are giving you something akin to DAW’s like GarageBand or FL Studio.

You can go into these instrument layers and perform from your selection of mouth sounds or use actual good samples (If you aren’t someone like Rahzel). In this Dreams PS4 Music Creation layout you have a live view of instruments to perform and produce with but of course you can use your own sound and build instruments. Like we said, this is like the FL Studio of Dreams PS4 Music Creation. So with sound importing in Dreams PS4, using your second screen by either phone, iPad or laptop, import audio samples or make use of that podcast mic. When you’re ready to import audio in Dreams PS4, you’ll essentially push a button and it sends it to the ps4. For those of you who want to keep it simple you can still use your ps4 camera or mic. Again, everything is made in-game and music is no exception.

Alex Evans at PSX 2017 talks about how Ed had to make *crunch* sounds for the game. Folks, if you ask us, the best way to make *crunch* sounds is to get something to *crunch* with. But like we said, you might be some kind of vocal genie or an alien like this guy…

What every DAW has is your sound processing section of FX and filters. Dreams will have additional parameters you can tweak for music creation such as a 5 band EQ, compression, distortion, wave shaping (Take that Serum!,lol), modular synths, LFO, envelops, etc., but of course you don’t need to do any or that if you don’t want to go in-depth like that. For the casuals or noobs of audio creation, we say one day just try tinkering with it pushing buttons like you’re in a fighting game trying to make something click. You might surprise yourself, and with the game’s stats you’re audio profile might build up.

There is also the more performance aspect of everything that was shown at first back when Dreams was a Tech Demo and nowhere near what it is today. Try creating instrument models with the game’s gadget system for your sounds to activate on contact. We’ll tell you right now, we are already closer to the Dreams PS4 version of keyboard cat, we’ve got the imps, we’ve got the cat noises, we just need the cat model and walaa; no more making a fool out of your pet cat just do that in Dreams. Really anything is possible and up to you. Both musicians and non musicians will have an awesome time tinkering with the music creating aspect in Dreams, or just sound in general. In fact, we pretty much already made a collab with audio here at ImpSpace with the first Dreams PS4 movie (made with Dreams footage) “No Imp’s Dream”. If you’re planning on taking a gander at audio creation in Dreams and more, follow us here at ImpSpace and on our Twitter, YouTube and the Discord channel!

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