2018 Dreams Global Game Jam Shows Quickly Made Games

The first new livestream of DreamsPS4 content showed during a global movement and joy of creating games. The 2018 Dreams Global Game Jam shows quickly made games from several Media Molecule devs. These six levels show a degree of different styles and even some interesting subject matter to explore.

Now before getting into the actual games created, we should note the community seems to be wondering if the opening dream was a tease or trolling from Media Molecule. The Twitch and Discord lit with anticipation for a possible announcement of a beta date in the level “Strange Radio Signals”. However the transmission ended abruptly as the radio exploded just before the words “We have a release date” were uttered. In reality since DreamsPS4 got the official release year for 2018 during PSX, one could make an educated guess that indeed a release date is already known 😉


The the first actual game that came up next was titled “Scrobbled”. This was a cooperative game of scrabble mixed with a disco arena and some wild dance moves. Again, the Media Molecule team slightly teased the audience when it came to the letters: B, E, T, and A. It may be time to wake your friends from their frozen hibernation soon.


Next up came the flappy bird and swoop references. “Fly my pigeon, fly” showed a randomized 3rd pigeon view flying through the level. This is a technique that was often seen in LBP in many levels so it was a nice example to make for the GGJ. (No cars were hit in the making of that dream)


“Handyland” by far seemed to be everyones favorite level of the Dreams Global Game Jam. This Used another technique of randomization within a continuous world using a cylinder. The game mixed a hand drawn style within a 3D happy level and a few in-game filters. YAS, there will be more filters in Dreams for users to explore!


Here came the unexpected part of the stream. “Gene Journey” was a simple game about fertilization, and we’re not talking about 4K grass seed. They also showed the different branch outcomes of the dream level based on the DNA block building section.


The last level from the DreamsPS4 GGJ livestream called “Nebula” showed a cool 4 player game of space battles. Recruit dormant ships to add to your armada. The visuals were far out and it was a good level to spark some 4 player multiplayer games you might have in mind.


Everyone of these levels can inspire you and give you a very small fraction of whats possible in DreamsPS4. We can’t wait for the next livestream and Dream updates but until they are revealed, follow us on social media and be sure to join the first Dreams Community Collab Project going on now. Currently the phase for suggesting the game concept ends Feb. 7th so head over to the Dreams Discord #collab room and join in! We’ll also be updating the forums with finalized results as well.

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