ImpSpace 3.0 update launches for our 3 year anniversary during E3 2018

This year on June 16th will officially be our 3 year anniversary! We’ve been planning and working on ImpSpace quietly since 2015.  Knowing you all from the very start is what pushed us working on these updates and beyond. Find out about the 3.0 update and a bit more during DreamsPS4 E3 2018 week.

Well we did it everyone, the ImpSpace beta 3.0 update is out now! 😉

As mentioned before, bugs are fixed; people can successfully sign up, confirm their account and post now. Check out the new improved forums! Its got its own URL now, just sign in via and your account will be synced to In terms of Discord, the Dreams Discord Server is in the process of a few new updates and one of the things we’ll be doing is creating an international channel so that more Dreams PS4 fans can be close-knit together. If you are good with German, Spanish, or Japanese, please contact us and let us know if you would like to help out (or message “subtenko” or any moderators on Discord). Those are the 3 languages we are possibly looking to include.

dreamsps4 community group

Groups were done before but the main work was being configured in the background. Now groups are updated and can be used to show what DreamsPS4 teams you are a part of in the game and/or other interest you share with people. In fact we have an official Dreams PS4 Arcade Hub Community Collab group. The group page from the project is set to a request to join option which makes it easier to keep track of who may be working on the project and who would like to join the project.

User profiles are a representation of everything that you do. You can even match up your Persona from DreamsPS4 on your profile page with skills. The same goes for the forums as well as the DreamsPS4 Discord Server. There are quite many features on ImpSpace that it’s a lot to jot down so you should do some exploring around the site and make sure you customize your profiles! Join or start some Dreams PS4 groups too after you customize your page.

dreamsps4 impspace profile

We’ve worked on a lot and we’re not done with all of what’s planned. This ImpSpace 3.0 update released during E3 week this year because it’s our anniversary! ImpSpace has been around for 3 years as we started under the working title “PlayStation4Dreams” that started back June 16th 2015 right as the Dreams project was teased. We quietly worked on things in the background realizing this is everything that needed to happen in gaming and the creative scene. Finally a developer was going to do something so crazy and ambitious it would almost seem like a Dream. ImpSpace was created because Molecules form amazing things of course, but it’s due to the creative and enthusiastic people such as yourselves and thanks to Media Molecule, Dreams, and PlayStation for bringing us together. ❤

So we’re going to do something during E3 2018. As with past E3 and other conferences during the years we’ll be on the Dreams PS4 Discord Server and specifically doing a live voice chat with the community during the PlayStation E3 2018 show on 6/11 9PM EST. Pull up a new tab on your favorite web browser and grab a digital bingo card for fun because we’re playing E3 2018 bingo (Dreams PS4 edition). Most of it will be dreams related and there are some nice game changing spaces that could pull the odds in your favor (No this is not a hunger games reference…bring some snacks though).

Also, we’d like to share some amazing fan art spotted in the subreddit specifically for E3 week from

That’s it for now, time to enjoy the show and be a step closer to the DreamsPS4 beta and full release. Who knows, we might get a release date for DreamsPS4 announced at E3 2018 as well. Stay tuned for more from DreamsPS4 and the community here at ImpSpace. You can follow us on Twitter, YouTube, and join in on the ImpSpace forums and the DreamsPS4 Discord Server if you haven’t already. Stay awesome!

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