Media Molecule Drops The Bass, Live DreamsPS4 Music Gig at E3 2018

Dreams was subconsciously brought into the minds of people during this years E3 2018. Firstly, the whole PlayStation E3 show can be summed up to a few words; experience, atmosphere, and journey. You might be wondering why didn’t Dreams get an actual highlight at E3. Well, Sony has to carefully plan out the show with everything into consideration for the whole week of E3 and then some.

The teases Dreams did were somewhat ‘guiding’ the show along, this has many people who have never heard of the game wondering what was up with the random fruit of loom characters during E3. Basically marketing for Dreams has started because its nearing completion soon [insert “…and that’s a good thing”]. You can view all of the Dreams E3 2018 clips on the ImpSpace YouTube channel. Little did everyone know that a few hours after the shown Dreams would drop the bass with a live music gig. Yes, PlayStation and Media Molecule set up DreamsPS4 as part of an E3 2018 after party. We found out when Tom, Media Molecule Community manager, gave us a heads up on the Dreams PS4 Discord Server.

The Dreams PS4 E3 live musical performance starts out with a suspenseful crowd gazing at a starry dreamy visual. The sounds of a grandiose piano plays as one of the Molecules stands up from everyone sitting on the couch. A voice and video sample of a Dreams character plays from the story mode. Another molecule stands up to join in with the horns on a trumpet.

Suddenly the digital bass kicks in; “omg, its about to be a remix of the bit from the DreamsPS4 story trailer”! Drum samples kick in along with vocal samples from our wobbly plant like characters (we experience vocal sample foreshadowing). You can see from the various screens what is going on. During the performance, you see and hear a variety of music styles. Here’s a list of genres Media Molecule did during this E3 2018 live DreamsPS4 performance: Jazz, IDM, Rock, House, Future Bass, Metal.

We also picked up on a Nicky Romero type track when the orange started to DJ. Some of the track sounds a bit like the song Toulouse, but literally millions of songs use the same chords at times. Check out in the video how orange took his hands off the DJ booth to signal everyone to clap, then went right back to DJing!

People loved the down-tempo music with dancing robots. Then  during the Future Bass tune they dropped, you could see the filter effects being tweaked with the Imp in-real time, just instead of using a midi controller, they were using Dualshock 4 controllers. There is the possibility of midi input for DreamsPS4 but its an unofficial feature for the time being.

Despite potential midi support, the DS4 controllers are able to preform just fine. Just listen to Bogdan tear it up during the ending bit when they switch from chill acoustic music to Heavy Metal! The guitar riffs and double-kick drum set sounds top-notch as if from a band like Slayer or Meshuggah. This was also the part where the guitar playing banana really reminded us of Terrance and Phillip from South Park!

It was an amazing performance and shows you the multiplayer, collaborative, and musical aspect of Dreams PS4 from Media Molecule. A better quality video will be posted as well. There’s more on Dreams to share soon so stay tuned for the rest of E3 week and later on in the year. Don’t forget to follow ImpSpace on Twitter, YouTube, and join in or create a Dreams group early on!

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