Update on the Dreams PS4 E3 Schedule

Hey community, since there are many of you wondering when if any more Dreams updates will drop during E3, we made a post highlighting it just for you. Here are the details for the Dreams PS4 E3 Schedule.

Dreams PS4 teased clips throughout Sony PlayStations E3 2018 show last night, which lead to a fantastic live gig during an after party. #TheMolecules were in concert all using Dualshock 4’s as instruments. E3 week is still going on. June 12th and the 13th are when PlayStation shows off more games, so today’s time for Dreams is at 3:15PM EST. Tomorrow on the 13th at 2:30PM EST will also has a Dreams PS4 presentation. We know you’re all a fan of those rocky lava cookies/pancake levels that have shown off in the past but perhaps there may be a new glimpse to show this time around!

6/12 Dreams @ 12:15PM PDT

6/13 Dreams @ 11:30AM PDT

Update: Alex Evans from Media Molecule has issued a Community Challenge during the ! Go give your input 🙂

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