First Person Shooter Made In Dreams PS4 and More

In the logic packed sequel to Made By The Molecules, comes Made By The Molecules 2 back by popular demand! This stream certainly took many by surprise after getting a look around INSIDE the cover art for Dreams in the game. Check out a first person shooter made in Dreams PS4 and more.

Tom Dallaway made Dr. Rendezvous (level name idea from Dr Aldrin’s nickname at NASA), a space sim in which you dock with vigorous control options. Tom made it so that with the quick press of a button, the orientation can be changed at the beginning of the level. That kind of randomization is an idea that’s sure to stick with you level creatures when Dreams arrives soon. Tom misses the docking point at first in which everyone in the chat rooms gasp in anticipation, but recovers quickly.


Cmdr. Melon which is an undecided level name from Bogdan’s vaporware-esq Dream shows off some aesthetic. Help him name the level in the Dreams Discord Server or on Twitter. When life gives you melons, make melonade – Bogdan.



Bogdan also had another level called Jump Space; a parkour-like first person running game made in DreamsPS4. Yes there were “Mirrors edge” and “To the top” references in chat. If you think this level is cool, imagine playing this Dream in PSVR!

The next level in the stream was a thee surprise everyone always wanted; a first person shooter made in Dreams PS4. This level also needs a name. Ed’s level is inspired by the first early 90’s shooters such as Quake and Doom. You may recognize some of the level assets from earlier streams which were made by John Beech.

Lastly came the sequel to Please Hug Me. Please Hug Me: Deluxe Overdrive shows off a little more of the world of non free hugs one could say. Someone please hug them! The level design here is great inspiration for speed runs and other fast platformers. Perhaps you would like to include a level as an online multiplayer dream. The wraps up the latest DreamsPS4 stream. There will be another livestream in two weeks. We’ll be covering more on Dreams (aka Dreams Universe) here at ImpSpace. You can follow us on Twitter, YouTube and more. Don’t forget to stop by the forums and the Dreams Discord Server <3

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