DreamsPS4 Creator Beta Out Wednesday December 19th

Today on a ‘normal livestream’, John Beech ate cake, and the stream went offline before reappearing back online to the infamous rock sculpting and lava cookie level. After such quality trolling, what happened next was in fact the beta drop. That’s right, the DreamsPS4 beta now has a release date, and it starts December 19th through January 21st!

The general public will be able to sign up starting at the end of the first week of the new year in 2019 around the 4th. Everyone who followed the Mm newsletter before December who is 18 and older and lives in US, EU, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and Canada will get invite codes on December 19th. You will not need PS+ for the beta but PSN will need to be running.

The beta is covered by confidentiality agreement as seen by the email soon to be received. People who sign up will go through a process. It’s the fist time it will be in the public’s hands and there will be forums set up to give feedback and connect with others users and the Media Molecule team. The beta is happening over the holiday and staff has volunteered their time. Be patience with the Molecules throughout this time. Mm wants to see what you make and how you use the tools. You can join in on the gameplay if you are not a creator but give it a go anyway as the beta is focused on people who want to check out the tools.

There will be more details shared shortly as the stream has settled down in which you can watch the beta stream replay here. An FAQ is being compiled now for additional questions. Stay tuned for updates and don’t forget to join in on the ImpSpace community forums and DreamsPS4 Discord Server. We’ll be covering more Dreams on Twitter, YouTube and here at ImpSpace!

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