Totally Normal Dreams Stream December 18th Could Spell Beta

Today on a very special livestream, Media Molecule makes LittleBigPlanet in DreamsPS4! Yes you are seeing this correctly, this is not a new LBP game but a recreation of the first level in LBP1 with the famous skateboard scene.


Today the hype train has sped past it’s speedometer. @TomDent_ posted a tweet today on December 17th and the whole DreamsPS4 community went ballistic. There will be a ‘totally normal’ dreams stream December 18th 5PM GMT. Keep an eye out for some INTERESTING THINGS on Tuesday. In the meantime join in on the ImpSpace community forums and DreamsPS4 Discord Server voice chat channels. We’ll have a lot to share that we’ll be covering on Twitter, YouTube and here at ImpSpace! #BetaSoon

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