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Welcome to ImpSpace Sessions with our guest DISARMED. We’ve had the pleasure to get to know a creator who’s grown throughout Media Molecules IP history from Little Big Planet, to now with Dreams of PS4.He continues to make a name for himself and gives us some insight on his early DreamsPS4 Beta creations made in less than 2 months. Enjoy the session in either format below on our YouTube channel, Soundcloud, or read the summary of it all here on this post.

For the most part we think it’s safe to say that DISARMED is a familiar name. There are people who haven’t been around the LBP scene but who have heard mentions of creators like this. DISARMED is back in the latest MediaMolecule IP “dreams”. Adding to the highlight of the East Coasters, hopefully Dreams will help shine the light in more less prominent regions of the upcoming gaming/creative sector. We all know at least when it comes to the United State of America, the gaming industry itself seems to have a huge spotlight out West.

In LBP there wasn’t as much optimizing to be done as seen in Dreams. DISARMED has said to personally have maxed out his limits in LBP with the rest being left up to more ideas from his imagination. His last big level in LittleBigPlanet was “Honor”. “If I was ever to bring back anything from LittleBigPlanet it would be that because I like the kind of Dark Souls PVP..”

lbp honor combat disarmed
lbp honor disarmed
lbp honor doctor disarmed

We can say for sure LBP will always have its distinct feel to it despite some in-game UI tweaks, however with Dreams the distinction between everything including gameplay and controls is vastly different dream to dream. It took DISARMED some time to figure a few things out as it did with everyone. He’s had the beta right at the first wave; the day after the announcement.

The Persona DISARMED portrays in DreamsPS4 is Design & Art. Even though that’s his main persona’s he has be dabbling in many different areas in Dreams. There was a micro EP titled “SOY BOY” which has some nice beats accompanied by a visual. Outside of Dreams, DISARMED uses FL Studio as his DAW and GarageBand when he’s on the go. The other list of DISARMED projects in Dreams are as follows: Curiosity, Adrift, Into The Forest – Winter Scenic, Visceral, Metro, Dark Dungeon – Dark Souls Inspired Scenery, and Stranding. He never expected “Curiosity” to get as far as it did, much less win the top pick for the Robot Community Jam theme!

A good tip taken from DISARMED is to not dwell on things too long to the point of being sidetracked. You don’t want to get stuck. With that said, this isn’t  suggesting to have a giant stack of stuff on the to-do list that’s so overwhelming, but to make sure you get at least a rough version of your overall dream completed. Everything is up to each individual imp and it may or may not be your style of workflow.

Metro was a 3 day replication of a neighborhood known to DISARMED all via photo reference. Each pass added more detail after the overall level was built. Reference is good to use when you don’t know what you want to do. The Stranding level also used photo reference from the later Death Stranding gameplay trailer. As far as future projects known projects, keep an eye on “ZER0”. DISARMED stated he will post a few updates with his creation and we’re looking forward to that and more in the future.

DreamsPS4 Project zero hall
DreamsPS4 Project zero enemies
DreamsPS4 Project zero alley

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That wraps up our ImpSpace Session with DISARMED on DreamsPS4. Keep up with us here on ImpSpace for more DreamsPS4 content. Share your stuff with with the DreamsPS4 community here on the ImpSpace DreamsPS4 forums, Reddit and Dreams Discord Server. You can also follow us around the web on YouTube and Twitter.

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