DreamsPS4 Early Access Starts Spring 2019

Wanna play Dreams again before it comes out? You all will be happy to know that PlayStation and Media Molecule is launching Early Access for DreamsPS4. This is different from the beta, and DreamsPS4 Early Access will launch this spring 2019. Here’s a few details along with some Q&A from the Dreams Discord and more.

Make sure you sign up to get firsthand DETAILS on the Dreams Early Access date from your respective region. You can find each link either in the U.S. post of the E.U. post. The game has been in development for year and is still being carefully crafted. As stated in the blog, the biggest part of Dreams is you the players and creators. Being in such long development time with still more work to be done, giving a notice of Early Access even though the game as released in this state is not done is a good choice made. Don’t expecting PSVR for early access but you can see some tweaks and added features along the way as we get closer to the full release of DreamsPS4.

“Dreams Early Access is a strictly limited release to ensure that we have a chance to listen to all of you, so be sure to snag your copy as soon as you can!” Those who get DreamsPS4 Early Access when it does live in will get it at $29.99 MSRP for those in the U.S. and $39.99 Canada MSRP. Also, the current list of regions for Early Access is as follows: Early Access will be available in UK, USA, Australia, Austria, Benelux, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Spain.

Notable Q&A

Rad: [Question on UK pricing]

TomDent_:We’re just getting UK pricing, but expect it to be £30! Once we know for sure, I’ll let you guys know!


OtterBon: [Question on Early Access]

TomDent_: Early Access will be available on the PS Store on it’s release day, there won’t be any need to sign-up to anything/pre-register in advance to that moment!


Proto: final confirmation for clarity, so everyone here is on the same page: the money you spend on Early Access WILL go towards the cost of the full game, and the full game’s cost is still undetermined?

TomDent_: If you purchase Early Access, you will not need to pay again when Dreams launches in full. If you purchase a later release of Dreams, once Early Access has concluded, then the price may be different.


Jecth: is this list final? Or will other countries be added later on?

TomDent_: We’re just getting clarity on territories!


Harry M: were a bit worried about availability because of how the beta went, how many spaces will there be? Twice as many as beta?

TomDent_: I haven’t got the information, but there is a lot more room than in our beta! :smiley:


OtterBon: is there like a huge list of future features that are planned after EA? i mean the beta felt finished

Liam: oh yes, there are so many things we’d love to add, and so many things we know people would love to see! We’ll be doing drops of new features throughout Early Access :smiley:

SamueleZ: [Question on PSVR status]

TomDent_: PSVR is on the long list of features and additions. Timing of release is being weighed up against other Early Access features, and community feedback. :smiley:


purple105: even if it doesn’t make it into early access, is VR still planned for full game release?

TomDent_: VR is very much still planned for Dreams, yes! :smiley: When we have more details, we’ll share ’em! Promise!


Proto: Any updates on the maturity/rating system? Do you anticipate a version of it will go live during Early Access?

TomDent_: Right now, no official confirmation on that! Sorry! But, as we mentioned during beta, we’re working with PlayStations awesome moderation team to make sure the Dreamiverse is safe for all :smiley:

So much excitement in the air, we’re all glad to have made it to this new benchmark. Apart from DreamsPS4 Early Access, there’s GDC coming up and Dreams will be there. Keep up with us here at ImpSpace for more within the DreamsPS4 community. Don’t forget to follow ImpSpace on YouTube and Twitter. Share and discuss DreamsPS4 creations on the forums and Dreams Discord Server.

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