Recreating P.T. in DreamsPS4 with Lewisc729

The Dreams beta has been out and people have been bringing the creative storm  showing all kinds of neat things. Time spent and things done in DreamPS4 has varied from person to person. We are sure most of you have all seen some beta creations early and this creator we are bringing here on ImpSpace is one of them. Meet lewisc729, the imp behind the recreation of Hideo Kojima’s “P.T.” in Dreams. We also have some behind the scenes clips of recreating P.T. in DreamsPS4 as well!

ImpSpace: Hey lewisc729, hope you’ve been enjoying the beta. It’s great that we have people like you to fill in the “somewhere, someone will do it” category of awesome things. This is part of what makes dreams so great. Thanks for taking the time to do some Q&A with us here.Tell us a bit about yourself.

Lewisc729: I have no history of art or environment design and dreams is quite possibly the most creative I have ever been (thanks Mm).


IS: When did you find out about dreams?

LC: I saw the first couple of trailers and after finding out it was the people behind LBP I looked up gameplay and was immediately interested, Kareem world building streams specifically.


IS: The Dreams Beta has been out since December 19th with some getting the beta later, when did you get the beta?

LC: I was planing day one, was lucky enough to have signed up to the newsletter. I spent a while just trying to make stuff that looked good, and I was impressed with what I was able to create after so little time with the tool.


IS: About how much time have you put into the dreams P.T. remake?

LC: It’s hard to put it into a number as I spend a lot of time making very small adjustments but 50/75 hours is likely. But recreating the hallway in a very basic form didn’t take long at all, and if I was to do the project over now after I know how the tool works I think it would take considerably less time. People seem to be impressed with how similar it is to PT, but in my opinion it has a long way to go until it can be called finished.

IS: How much further work do you have to complete it?

LC: There is a long way to go, this project will most likely take a long time until I decide it re creates PT well enough. Right now I’m still learning dreams, specifically logic and when the full game comes out and there are more tutorials I think progress will speed up. The 3 main things I will need to add are Lisa, the fetus and all of the crazy requirements to finish the game, and then maybe a recreated trailer and/or a trailer for an upcoming horror project of my own.


IS: Will you consider making a PSVR option for it?

LC: As long as the remake makes it into the full game it should have PSVR support day one, for people to be able to relive PT on PS4 in VR is big and I can’t wait myself to try it out.


IS: You’ve made a combination of smaller short dreams included with the P.T. project which requires a great amount of attention to detail when recreating Kojima’s work. How has that balance been between choosing to work on smaller things and more extensive projects?

LC: Having a project like PT there is always room for improvement so it can be hard to start work on another project I think has potential, I started doing the 5 minute dreams as a way to experiment and put some of the things I have learned to use on something that isn’t PT. howether (sic) as the remake is a passion project it will most likely be what I work on until it is completed.


What is your focus on, smaller or bigger projects?

LC: I prefer bigger projects as I like making something that I can be proud of, which often takes time. Howether (sic) I also enjoy seeing what I can make in a short amount of time and often find a new project can be a great way to learn something you didn’t know about the tools.


IS: Btw, I hear your level “Big surprise at the end” is pretty interesting….

LC: I decided to mess around with the clone tool as it’s very impressive and put the level together pretty quick, can’t spoil the surprise buts it’s definitely worth it. It may also get a sequel when the remake is finished, where at the end you get the PT level buts its remixable.


IS: What type or persona are you in the game, and which do you see your main persona as?

LC: My persona is currently Art + audio, which I think is pretty accurate as so far my level has just been focused on recreating the art and adding the radio with logic around it.


IS: What are your creative inspirations?

LC: As I have very little creative background my main inspirations have [been] Mm creating in dreams, all the amazing stuff we have seen in the beta, and Bob Ross.


IS: What’s your background been with creative games/IP’s on gaming consoles; play any LBP or other types?

LC: LBP1 was one of the first games I played but somehow I never got into the creation side, thankfully I didn’t miss out on that with dreams.


IS: What do you do outside of dreams?

LC: “Outside of dreams”? Never heard of it.


IS: Name one of your favorite dreams right now.

LC: There is a dark souls inspired environment showcase that needs way more attention, dark souls wishes it looked that good. Now we just need a bloodborne remake…


IS: What’s something that you want to see happen in Dreams?

LC: I would love to see more people take the realistic approach to their dreams, the engine is capable of so much more than people give it credit for. I think we’re going to see some next level stuff from the creators in the full game. Also more old school arcade games in dreams.


IS: Have any teases/hints and what people can look forward to you with future projects?

LC: A completed version of P.T. that’s as similar as possible is my main goal and will help me learn to toolset and create original projects. After that I will most likely be creating my own horror game with similar themes to PT. Oh, and quite possibly some bloodborne inspired content soon. The hunters dream seems like a perfect fit to be remade in dreams.

Thanks again for the chat lewisc729, looking forward to seeing more from you. We’ll have to revisit the final remake version of P.T. in DreamsPS4. You can follow lewisc729 on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter @LewisConner13.

That wraps it up for our Q&A with lewisc729. We have more things whipping up here within the DreamPS4 community soon so don’t forget to keep up with us here at ImpSpace. Don’t forget to follow ImpSpace on YouTube and Twitter. Share and discuss DreamsPS4 creations on the forums and Dreams Discord Server.

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