PlayStation Home in Dreams with iAnony

Remember that special place called Home on PS3? Specifically we’re talking about PlayStation Home. PS Home launched in 2008 on PS3 as an online virtual space akin to Second Life, yet ended as it was shut down in 2015. There is even video footage of the moment PS Home shutdown that will hit some of you right in the feels. Somber moment aside, there have been a few recreations of PlayStation Home on PS4 through the power of DreamsPS4. Here we have iAnony for some Q&A. He is the imp behind a popular PlayStation Home recreation in this latest IP from MediaMolecule.

ImpSpace: What’s your creative background aside from Dreams; any experience with other user generated content games?

iAnony: My creative background is rather expansive. I started being my creative self when I was around 12 years old playing games like the Sims Bustin’ Out, where you could create rather simplistic homes and buildings with a few presses of some buttons. Although I did not get to truly express myself until LittleBigPlanet was released back in 2008. The moment I started playing LittleBigPlanet, I spent countless hours and possibly days inside Creative Mode, making crazy contraptions, cars and rockets. It was truly my go-to game to unwind and let my creative mind go. LittleBigPlanet will always have a special place in my heart.


IS: What was your initial reaction of hearing about dreams for the first time?

iAnony: My mind was BLOWN AWAY. After watching the first gameplay showcase at E3, I immediately ran to my computer, opened a word document and started writing all my crazy movie-like ideas.


IS: When did you get the beta?

iAnony: The very first day, December 19th 2018.


IS: Was that your first dreams project or should we say main project?

iAnony: Playstation Home. The moment I got Dreams I started working on Harbour Studio.

IS: Was the PS Home remake the first thing you created in dreams, and if not, what was?

iAnony: No, actually. I created a small level called Atmospheric Castle. A level showing off my very first attempt at building something in Dreams!


IS: That spaceship project looked cool and you mentioned its probably not something you will be keeping. Did you ever publish it online as private before the beta ended?

iAnony: Yes I did keep the project! I do plan on expanding on that creation actually, but that’s not until I’ve finished Playstation Home.

IS: We saw the Escape from Tarkov recreations. The grab and move inventory logic looks super cool. How was that like to make/figure out how to implement that?

iAnony: Rather simple actually. The Logic made for that level was only a few Grab Sensors and some Followers. They basically told the object to follow the Imp! Down the line I hope to expand on this project, with rather huge Logic systems to accurately represent Escape From Tarkov.


IS: Any particular struggles or things you have had to work through or currently need to work on in Dreams?

iAnony: Learning the controls was definitely a struggle for the first few days. Sometimes I still get confused on how to do basic things. But I’ve most definitely have gotten so much better at controlling my Imp within Dreams.


IS: What is one of your favorite things you’ve seen in Dreams?

iAnony: My absolutely favorite thing I’ve seen in Dreams was a level created by bigsurf77 called The Encounter. It was this story about a person in some kind of beautifully designed Space Ship and a little robot who would guide you through it. My mind was absolutely in shock when I saw this because of how realistic it looked to me.


IS: What would you like to see in Dreams?

iAnony: Personally I’m a huge Dark Souls fan, and I’d love to see people try and expand the Dark Souls series onto Dreams. Whether it be their own stories and environments, or recreations of actual Dark Souls locations, I’d LOVE to see that in Dreams.


IS: Dualshock 4 or PS Moves?

iAnony: Dualshock 4 all the way! I tried playing with the Move Controllers, and it just wasn’t for me!


IS: Anything that you want to tease to people for the future?

iAnony: Hint Hint Nudge Nudge – shopping…

iAnony also mentioned that he’s not sure exactly where the PlayStation Home project will go, but if the community wants it to grow or get involved then even more work can be put into it. Thanks for the chat iAnony, looking forward to more in the future. You can follow iAnony on Twitter @iAnonyOfficial or YouTube. There’s more to come from the DreamPS4 community so keep up with us here at ImpSpace. Don’t forget to follow ImpSpace on YouTube and Twitter. See you on the forums and Dreams Discord Server!

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