The Start of 30 Minute Dreams with Lombaxpieboy

Welcome to ImpSpace Sessions with our guest Lombax_Pieboy. Growing up with PlayStation, Lombax_Pieboy was a fan of Crash Bandicoot. Years later he picked up a PS3 and got introduced to LittleBigPlanet which is one of his most played games. This inventively lead him to dreams of course and today we’ll be talking about his idea for “30 minute dreams”. Enjoy the session!

The idea of “30 minute dreams” is similar to build battles in games like Minecraft. The general idea is you’re given 30 minutes with a phrase or theme in mind. For the general build battle you would be able to use the Mm audio asset library for some leeway and you could even use ideas from the livestream audience. The idea came about to Lombax from watching the Mm streams, notable with Kareem creating things within the streams time limits. It showed the process of going from one asset to a whole level. As far as actual timed streams, the speedy character creation stream is also an example of creative challenges.

“30 minute dreams” may limited to the more experienced but as of now it is open for anyone who wants to take part in it. Lombax mentions, “It’s a really great way to actually get good at using some of the tools and be efficient with them, so that you’re not floundering around whenever you’re making some of your own creations trying to get certain areas right when there are small tricks that you can learn by doing these that would expedite that process.” This is true even for those watching. He also has a background in a bit of color commentating in League of Legends for about 3 years. Obviously dreams creation is more slower paced than a game such as LoL so there is more time to speculate actions.

On the first livestream of “30 Minute Dreams” we could see what goes on in the thought process while guessing what each player was doing or trying to do. For example RbdJellyfish seemed to be trying to figure out what to do for half the stream when placing geometric shapes with the geometric theme round. It really looked like a bunch of random shapes until he panned the camera to reveal it was a logo (kind of echnochrome styled).

For now there is no set schedule of doing “30 Minute Dreams” so it’ll be an on-the-whim type of thing for now. We talked about potential limits on the number of streamers on a livestream. Lombax stated the upper limit may be 10 people. There’s always something new going on in each stream and it’s about balance in between watching streamers for the commentators.

“30 minute dreams” won’t necessarily just have that set style or those same set of rules for a theme and the whole 30 minutes to build idea. We compared our ideas for what more these livestreams could add to the table. There may be modes such as the following:

Being limited to community assets

  • The day before the 30 minute dream stream, everyone is told what the themes will be and can bring one to three assets. It could be similar to only using the modular pieces used in the 3 cities stream.

Sudden splat challenges

  • 5 minute element builds best out of 3 rounds.
  • Handicaps such as locked camera views, switching controllers, etc.
  • Requirements in where one must have a certain percentage of thermo used at the end of the build ie 30% gameplay thermo. Or require prebuilt assets we have made from the dreamiverse or stream host at will, randomized or not.

We have an example of a build challenge done by Johnee and Snaggs. While these weren’t made on a stream and completely seperate, it shows how the creative spark of a nice challenge can have on your work and what it can inspire others to do. Take a look at this crossbow themed challenge and see who won the most votes!




“Video Games are fun. Color Caster for Upsurge Esports & ACEL. Lombax_Pieboy on Twitter.”

30 minute dreams are a great idea for the community and we’ll be supporting it. If you would like to be involved in helping out whether being interested in commentating or being a contender or something else, we have some listed on the community roles page. Lombax_Pieboy has also made a discord for “30 minute dreams” That wraps up the Session, so keep up with us here on ImpSpace for more DreamsPS4 content. Share your creativity with the Dreams community here on the ImpSpace DreamsPS4 forums, Reddit and Dreams Discord Server. You can also follow us around the web on YouTube and Twitter.

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