New Season Of Events

It’s a new season dreams fans, and that brings newly themed community jams and events around the corner. First thing coming up is the charity started by Special Effect dubbed “One Special Day” happening on October 4th. A few volunteers will be streaming dreams throughout the day as well as Media Molecule. Read more about the philanthropic event in  recent blog post from Media Molecule, helping those with disabilities get back in the game!

one special day

We’re very happy that we can do this so soon because as we’ve mentioned a few months ago we’ll also be doing an Extra Life event during the official Extra Life stream day on November 2nd. We’ll be doing restreaming and streaming starting at 12pm Eastern time but Extra life is open to any day and time you’d like! You can stream on a day that works for you and even split up your streaming for Extra Life. Join the ImpSpace team or any that you have planned prior to this in a day of streaming. This is a great cause and works well for gamers making it easy to participate in. Remember, we are entering those who join in for the Extra Life event via the team page in a raffle drawing for a secret prize this year to be announced at a later date. Let your friends, family, and internet strangers know about both of of these oppertunitys with One Special Day, and Extra Life.

In addition to these announcements we are revealing dreams radio, which will be intergrated into the Dreams Discord Server in October of this year. You’ll be able to hear great music tracks all #MadeInDreams. If you have made some tunes in dreams of have upcoming tracks to be released, let us know! We’ve got more annonucements to share with you soon so stay tuned for the next update from us here at ImpSpace. In the meantime, it would be awesome to create some dreams in the spirit of Special Effect. Discuss it all and more dreams happenings on our forums and the Dreams Discord Server.

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