Dreams Short Horror Film and Movie Night

Get ready to up your animation persona or showcase skills in dreams because we’re doing another movie night that will coincide with a community ImpQuest contest. Create a short horror/spooky film with Dreams and have it entered by October 24th 11:59pm PDT. It can be as short as a 30 second scene if you’d like, just have fun with it! They have to be newly created dreams uploaded no earlier than October 1st. You can post your entry on this post/forum thread, on the Dreams Discord Server in the #video channel, or via tweet on Twitter to ImpSpace. When you post your video, mention its for the ImpSpace dreams short horror film contest.

The winner of the dreams short horror film will be revealed at the end of this month’s movie night on October 31st Halloween Night which starts at 8pm EDT on the ImpSpace YouTube channel. After being revealed, the winner will also get a custom emoji upload for the Dreams Discord Server and a PSN gift card. For you audio makers out there, we’ll keep a look out for any spooky music tunes released in dreams and play them in the Dreams Discord Server radio channel.

Today we’re also getting more info on the next Dreams update during todays Media Molecule livestream with Kareem. Dreams Update 5 “Orange” will be rolling out October 2nd with a new ui layout for Dreamsurfing. Keep utilizing the feedback forums and #developer-feedback channel on Discord giving props to the devs and letting them know about any potential bugs, ideas or any other comments you may have. We’ll have another update for you at ImpSpace soon. Let your creative imaginantions make something amazing, we are thrilled to see what the community comes up with.

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