Dreams Early Access Ending, Next Up The IMPY Awards

Dreams Early Access will be leaving PSN on December 8th as noted by the latest update on Dreams. Those of you who have purchased it before it’s removed will still be able to play it and will not have to buy anything else when it’s updated to full release status. Everyone who could get involved has been great with providing feedback to the game. Thank you all for enduring the slight hiccups and learning through it all up to this point. Dreams is still in its infant stage on what the community can dish out but we can reminisce over how it’s all been so far with the IMPY Awards! The official awards for dreams that will start January 26th 2020.

dreams IMPY awards

At this stage Dreams is moving forward closer to full release and we may get more details on that early into the new year. As for other things being worked on, Dreams Radio is about to be launched on the Dreams Discord Server after initially being delayed due to format decisions. Keep sending/mentioning any music tracks you have released and we can include them on the stream. More to come soon here at ImpSpace!

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