It’s been one year since DreamsPS4 publicly launched from its Creator Beta

Dreams Early Access

It started with the first Dreams E3 reveal and going through a few E3’s, Paris Games Weeks, and PSX’s to finally get to a publicly playable version of Media Molecules latest game. The Dreams Creator Beta ran from the 19th December 2018 to the 4th February being extended. Today makes it one year since DreamsPS4 publicly launched! We all played as much of it as we could before it’s departure. Then came Dreams Early Access in April of 2019. The communities ideas and test for their creative ideas in dreams have shown greatly so far, but we’ve only just begun! From what the community has learned in a year, many within it will start to implement some of those back-burner ideas and plans they’ve had in mind. We’ll soon see some new and different ideas from familiar creators and some new faces who haven’t created much or released their work publicly yet. This is all part of the excitement of DreamsPS4, to see what will be Made In Dreams next!


We’ve gotten some great feedback given from the community and it is a big factor in how Dreams has shaped up to be so far. The latest Dreams update allows for new features like adding dreams to a play later queue from indreams, updated designs, and more. In the not too distant future we’ll be able to even comment on Dreams from indreams to continue your DreamsPS4 experience from anywhere.

What are some of the memories you have enjoyed from this journey from Beta to the present state of Early Access? Let us know what you’re looking forward to next year for Dreams. We’ve got some new updates to launch here at the end of the year at ImpSpace as well. Dreams Radio is to be launched in a couple of weeks from now! Keep posted on the Dreams Discord Server and our Twitter page. More to come soon here at ImpSpace!

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