Dreams Launch Day Updates

It’s almost officially here, Dreams launch day is near with February 14th coming around the corner. Luckily for Early Access users, you will get to play even sooner! You’ll be able to upgrade to the full version three days earlier on February 11th. As from the latest Media Molecule update, you can see that they are releasing “Art’s Story”. Due to Dreams Story mode being 2-3 hours to complete, it leads some wondering if there will be DLC story content coming in the future, similar to how Little Big Planet had it’s DLC content.


With 18,000 changes done to Dreams since the beginning of Early Access, it’s hard to list it all, but a few prominent features are noted such as: motion-free controls, display settings, puppet procedural animation and walk cycles. There is also a well documented post about backwards compatibility and known issues. Your feedback posted at feedback.indreams.me and everywhere else you’ve reached out has helped to bring solutions to issues that were solved and ones in the process of being worked on. Even many ideas have been noted aside from bug reports.


Keep up the great work community, we’ve grown and learned a lot so far but this is only just the beginning. We’ll be covering more on Dreams at ImpSpace now that the full game is releasing along with many projects we have been working on so stay tuned on our site and social media pages. Also join the Dreams Discord Server if you haven’t already. See you in Dreams!

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